What Difference? Goals Vs Resolutions... How I can Achieve?

What Difference? Goals Vs Resolutions... How I can Achieve?

Goals Vs Resolutions...

What Difference? Goals Vs Resolutions... How I can Achieve?

As we are close to the end of January of the new year, it is a magical time for a group of two people. Those who have a resolution for the new year, they have a majority soon or they will leave their old life or at least pretend to work for a change in their lives. For them, this is the time of freedom. Whatever they put in those resolutions, they are getting back and leaving the stress of making changes in their lives.

For those who set an annual goal, this is a magical time. This is the time when the habits on or around January 1 begin. Those habits are now another nature. They are the foundations of the changes that are coming. So far, the work we have done has started paying in small ways. As the years have passed, small payments have started to grow bigger, but they can not do this unless we spend time in the beginning to make those new habits.

That is why January is the most important time for goal sets and resolvers. This happens when the change we want to start either starts or is buried.

Why is the difference between the two groups? It is mainly in approach and preparation and when they start, they take it. The serious goal is the real plan of the setters and there is a real desire to change those lives. It is not a wish or something that they want to do, which they want to do. This is something that they have to do. They do not give themselves out. Its successor adjusts and try again and again until they reach there.

Resolver usually does not have any plans. They do not have specific goals or dates to achieve their resolutions. They are not committed to doing what they have resolved to do. This failure is not just a recipe, it is an oxymoron. To solve, it means that you are committed and serious about yourself, yet the resolution is almost universally regarded as a joke. Traditional knowledge says that more than 95%, probably 99%, resolvers leave before the end of January.

The similarity between the two groups is that both recognize the need to make changes in their life. There is some kind of difference between where they are and where they want to be, and they know it. They are uncomfortable about it. They can also be embarrassed about it. Nevertheless, Resolver does not face enough pain to make the final commitment to do actual work to make changes. This is the difference between the attitude I have described. The target sets have made living where there are more painful than working to stay. Resolver has learned to be fine or comfortable with his life. Sometimes the pain is their way of punishing themselves because they do not think they deserve to be better.

The second difference is the preparation of change. There are plans to make those changes in the target setters. Sometimes this is a general plan, or it can be very specific. Which really does not matter. They have got the plan, and they follow it. Everyday. The plan becomes the focal point of their daily activities. For the resolver, most things have a vague idea of what they should do, but there is no real idea of continuing to go about it. In the absence of a plan, they keep doing things they have always been. That's why they get the things they always have.

To be goal sets instead of resolvers, we need to know where we are going and how to get there. This is the basic idea behind value-based success and value-based goal setting. Know what's important to you know where you are going. Know how you are going there. Follow the road map that leads you from there.

Resolution: Determination to do or not to do anything The goal: the object of an individual's ambition or effort; A purpose or desired result. Which seems more attractive?

I have never been a fan of New Year's resolutions, perhaps because it seems that the majority of the people who make the resolution, they roam to change something about their outer self, which they are not happy with.

Do not think of me wrong now: I am doing something to improve self-care, self-improvement and to improve my overall health and well-being. But it has always been interesting to me that how people swear to change their behavior completely on the first day of a new year, such as some Magic Motivation Switch on the first January at 12:01 in the afternoon.

The problem I have with resolutions is that expectations of these drastic changes are often very high. Many people tend to go about them with the "All-or-Nothing" approach - and they become frustrated when they do not get the results they wish they have.

So instead of fitting an inventory of "New Year Proposals", I like to think about "New Year's Goals and Dreams."

Goals should not be harsh.

The goals provide a direction to follow to achieve the desired result.

Goals include actual setting, planning, preparation, and actual action.

 Goals Vs Resolutions

Here are my thoughts when determining the goals achieved:

  • Experience the results before starting. Before setting a specific goal, I try to imagine and realize the end result. My life is working towards my goal, then how do I look? How does my life look when the "target" has reached? How do I feel in the whole process?

  • How did I reach there? What did I do mentally and physically to attain my goal? Did I need extra external resources to reach my goal? (Money, time, other people, etc.)

  • (Baby) Action Steps. Take it once in a day. Think of the small things that can be done to bring you closer to your desired goal every day. Keep it as simple and practical as possible.

  • Remember, the failures are indispensable. If you take one step or two (or two hundred) back then do not kill yourself. We are all human, we are not perfect, and it is fine. If you experience a shock, evaluate what happened. Think about where you might need some extra inspiration. Do you need a support team/accountability friend?

  • Keep going. Do not set a rigid timeline to fulfill what you want to accomplish. Trust that as long as you keep walking with an open and honest mindset, you are making progress in the right direction.

When you area unit puzzling over your goals, bear in mind to continually follow your heart and your dreams.

No matter what life throws on you, anything is possible when you believe in yourself. I hope you find these tips helpful and wish you a great start in 2019!

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