(Lawyer) - Top 10 Things - Don't Do, When You Divorce

(Lawyer) - Top 10 Things - Don't Do, When You Divorce

As someone has gone through a divorce, they can tell you, the process is rarely easy. Stress is high, and couples often make poor decisions in the event of heat. Looking at the mountain of financial, practical and emotional details, which have to be sorted out, it is not surprising that many couples make important mistakes on the road of divorce. Said that there are many important things that you should do, or not specifically, to reduce your chances of regretting your decisions later. Here are the top 10 tips to avoid filing for a divorce.

(Lawyer) - Top 10 Things - Don't Do, When You Divorce
(Lawyer) - Top 10 Things - Don't Do, When You Divorce
1. Do not get pregnant

Having a child during your divorce, a lot of things get complicated, and your divorce rights may also get interrupted. In November 2004, a Judge of Spoken County, Washington refused to allow a pregnant woman, Shawna Hughes, to divorce her abusive husband. Hughes' husband is not the father of his child. But during the divorce proceedings, Hugh became pregnant, so the law of the state convinced Hugh's husband to be the father, of the child born after 300 days of her divorce. The judge refused to divorce Hughes because he was worried that there would be no father to take financial responsibility for the child. Although many states now give single parents equal rights to married people, when you are in a marriage, a child can be problematic.

2. Do not forget to change your desire

Due to divorce, the cancellation will not be automatically canceled. If you want to stop getting your spouse from receiving your spouse quickly, you should stop them from getting the money and privileges given in your wishes, you need to update your desire. You can redeem the will at any time. But if you die before divorcing, and you have left your spouse, then he can sue if he is part of your property.

3. Do not dismiss the possibility of collaborative divorce or arbitration

In a collaborative divorce, you can take the help of professionals-lawyers, divorce coaches and therapists to split the property and manage emotional stress. Some critics of collaborative divorce believe that lawyers, divorce coaches and doctors who are involved in a collaborative divorce are not really experts, and spend too much time and money. But most of the collaborative divorce courts have said that divorce is more cooperative and less unfavorable compared to traditional divorce.

Mediation is different. Only a third-party professional-a divorce mediator - helps you and your spouse reach an agreement. Mediation is a more ongoing process than one-time intervention. Although lawyers are usually not allowed in arbitration sessions, you can consult an attorney at any time during the process so that you can get the right results.

4. Do not sleep with your lawyer

It is easy to get close to a person who is on your side. But this is also a big mistake. Some states prohibit all sexual activity between a lawyer and a customer. Other states allow a lawyer and client who have sex before the case to continue the relationship. In either case, sleep with your lawyer can compromise your lawyer-client communication because you can be accused of infidelity.

5. Do not vote on children

Children need a supportive & good environment to deal with divorce. Minimize the amount of talk about the process. This will give you more time to get there for them. Refocus your energy so that you can join their school and post-school events, help them in homework, and take them to movies or zoos once in a while. When you are relaxed, they become more relaxed. Although you should be comfortable talking about your divorce with your children, the purpose of this divorce is to remove the stress on you and your family.

6. Do not refuse to see a doctor

Seeing a doctor can help you get through the limits of emotions that you will experience during dealing with divorce. Getting help before being extremely depressed or angry is a good idea. A doctor is not just about talking to anyone. They are also a professional who can show you how to relax, talk to your children, and how to stay calm in court. Most importantly, a doctor can help you find out how to become self-reliant.

7. Do not wait till the holidays

You already know that the holidays are not difficult. So why wait? Divorce lawyers often see an increase in customers before, during and after Christmas. It is also easy to get used to a vacant house before the holidays. If you wait (and fight) through the season, then you can destroy any chance for a cordial division and air your differences in court.

8. Do not forget about taxes

Generally, a person who is honored with custody of children gets home. But home cannot be the best deal. If you can not afford mortgages, taxes, and maintenance at home, then you want to ask for an investment portfolio of similar value instead. However, before declaring yourself as the King or Queen of your block, remember: Single people are not allowed to shelter many capital gains from taxes. Stocks can also be in the issue. Newly purchased stocks can be more desirable because they will cost you less in capital gains taxes.

9. "Do not Hurry"

Just because you want to get married immediately, this does not mean that you should stop your financial security. Make several copies of all your important financial documents: pension statement, tax form, brokerage, and mutual fund statement, credit card statement and other records. It will tell you what you want and even what you owe. Ensure that you and your children will continue to be health insurance during and after the divorce proceedings. When you are still married to your spouse, how can a disease or an accident split the property? If you and your husband can work on an amicable agreement in itself, then you should be known as "uncontrolled" divorce Could. It shall save you both time and money in court costs. If this is not possible, then you want to appoint a professional mediator or an attorney. If you decide to keep legal counsel, then remember to bring three things to the first meeting with your lawyer so that you can assess what you will need to be separated once: family property and loans A balance sheet listing, an accounting sheet of your income and expenses, and your tax return.

10. Do not increase your debt

Divorce is expensive. At the top of the attorney's fees, you will need money to build a new house. Although it can be difficult to meet, you should get used to being a little less. Remember, your legal bill and court costs can be before you receive the first payment of your part of the allowance or the matrimonial property. Although it may seem stressful, the freedom you enjoy will be worth the line.

One last note

It will definitely pay in the long run to cooperate with your spouse and keep strong feelings in favor of managing your segregated barbed issues with a different and quiet head. Both of you will decide wisely and will come out of the process with minimal injury. After termination of agreements and papers are signed, if you still feel the need to express yourself, then you can always sit to clear the mess in all the memoirs you have told.

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